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ScratchOdds lets you quickly see the remaining prizes for any OLG scratch ticket, helping you pick that next winning ticket.

Pick the best OLG scratch tickets.

Did you know some Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation scratch tickets are sold even when all the good prizes have already been claimed?

Ever wonder if there were any grand prizes left for your favourite scratch ticket?

Stop picking losing scratch tickets and start picking winners with the help of ScratchOdds. Get more info on

  ScratchOdds allows you to:

  • View all current OLG scratch tickets available
  • Search for games by name or ID
  • See remaining prizes for each game
  • Pick the best OLG scratch tickets

Download ScratchOdds on the App Store

iHear Dialer icon

iHear Dialer

iHear Dialer allows you to dial phone numbers without looking at the keypad. As you move your hand around on the keypad, the app will give your verbal feedback on what number your finger is on and when you want that number, just release your finger!

No data usage. Works anytime, anywhere!

It was created with blind and visually impaired users in mind, but it’s also helpful to anyone that needs to dial without looking. It was a breakthrough being release before Apple introduced the iOS Accessibility options, but it still fills a small niche.

View a demo video

  iHear Dialer allows you to:

  • Dial phone numbers without looking at the keypad
  • Dial your previous 6 numbers (History tab)
  • Choose between 2 voices (Alex & Jules)
  • Display or remove hyphens as you dial numbers
  • Use it anytime, anywhere. No connection or data required!

Download iHear Dialer on the App Store


TooDoo is an effective, simple, and easy-to-use list application that will allow you to organize your tasks, set their priority, and mark them as complete when you are done.

TooDoo offers convenient simplicity.

The core idea behind this program was to provide an easy-to-use list-making app to keep track of your tasks. If you are looking for an app packed full of features, this may not be your to-do list of choice. If you’re unsure, give it a try!

  TooDoo allows you to:

  • Add, edit, and delete to-do items
  • View all to-do items or see only Incomplete or Completed
  • Customize the look with 2 color schemes
  • Display the number of Incomplete items on the app icon
  • Hide priority labels to reduce clutter on the list screen

Download TooDoo on the App Store


Have you ever felt like testing your reflexes or checking out your reaction time? This fun little game can be played alone or with a friend. Compare your own reaction times and attempt to increase your mental clock1.

Research has reported a correlation between intelligence and reaction time.

Does your friend think he is smarter than you? Play against them and see who has the faster reaction time or tweet your score with the world.

This game is also great for childhood development! Watch as your child’s reaction time increases over time.

  Reaction-Time features:
  • Clean interface, fast gameplay, and fun for all ages
  • Customize the background graphic
  • Save your best reaction time in the app so you can beat it later

Download Reaction-Time on the App Store

Pixels For Charities

Pixels 4 Charities has high hopes to help both the patients at McMaster Children's Hospital as well as companies of all sizes. The plan is to donate a portion of the advertising proceeds to Mac Kids.

1 website, 1 app, $1 pixels...1 great cause!

Fundraising $50,000 for McMaster Children's Hospital

Buy pixels for $1 and advertise your business on and the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application.

More details:

  Pixels 4 Charities aims to:
  • Help raise at least $50,000 for McMaster Children's Hospital
  • Provide an advertising space for businesses to reach millions of people using iOS devices everyday

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